Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Nightmare at the Opera

Long-time readers know I often lament the fact that horror ain't got no class. So it was especially good news to learn that David Cronenburg's 1986 sci-fi/horror classic, The Fly, is soon to be an opera.

Opera? As my high-school friends back in Iowa might say, "That's class out the ass."

Directed by David Cronenburg, with a score by Howard Shore (Cronenburg's long-time colleague and composer of the film's original score) and conducted by Placido Domingo, The Fly: The Opera will debut at the Paris Opera House and appear in September in a production by the LA Opera.

Though he's sticking close to the original story -- intrepid reporter meets fascinating scientist and his teleportation machine, scientist tests the device on himself in a moment of pique and accidentally gets a housefly into the mix, horror ensues -- Cronenburg is setting the operatic version in the 1950s.

For tickets and more information visit www.The

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