Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Directions to Speak to a Ghost

According to her web site, TalktotheDead.org, Nicole Zapruder has been speaking to the dead since she was four years old -- or approximately 30 years, judging from her photo.

Born with a natural gift for communicating with the other side, over the years she has experimented with several techniques to refine her abilities. Now, using something called the Grey Walter-Berger Construct, she's discovered a method she claims is 73% effective -- for anyone -- with repeated use.

You can try it right now -- if you dare and have a few minutes to kill. Read the warnings first, then watch the embedded video on her home page that reproduces the effects of the Grey Walter-Berger Construct.

Critics of Nicole and her site claim it's nothing more than a viral marketing ploy to support the Australian release of The Orphanage. If so, this post is surely making some heartless Aussie marketer clap their hands in glee, because I just became a carrier.

But I'm always hoping to find something truly otherworldly on the web. Maybe this is it.

I haven't tried it yet -- but I will. You should, too. And if you do talk to the dead, be sure to let me know what they say.

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