Monday, November 12, 2018

Dream Theater: Leader of the Band

Somehow, I'd become the lead singer for a band.

Only I didn't know any of their songs. We'd never practiced together. The truth was, I hadn't even heard of the band. And yet, here I was, their front man, and we were due to appear at a large music festival in a short while. 

What came as an even bigger surprise was how calm and supportive everybody was about the situation. None of the other band members or the people backstage were freaking out, even though freaking out would have been a perfectly understandable reaction.

Maybe that's why I wasn't freaking out, either. Sure, the circumstances were less than ideal, and there was a chance things might get awkward out there underneath the lights. But everyone seemed to share the opinion that once we got started, I'd catch on pretty quickly. As the band played, the lyrics and music would come to me. The audience would just to have understand. 

The lead guitarist said, "In a way, it's really their problem."

"Just make sure I have a set list," I said, as if a list of the songs we were going to play would help me in any way.

But everyone just looked around and shrugged. Apparently nobody had one of those, either.

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