Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stop Reusing Catheters

If the TV's on at our house, chances are it's tuned to MSNBC. The drone of liberal voices and images creates a soothing background that calms me down and makes me feel less alone in the world.

But lately, this commercial has been appearing a lot. If I'm not able to skip it, I have to change channels or leave the room. It never fails to make me cringe.

I don't know why this poor woman has to re-use catheters. I hope I never do. Just the idea of catheters is upsetting enough. Thinking about them boiling away in the same pot I use to cook spaghetti and drying on my kitchen counter makes me shudder way down deep in my soul.

The actress -- and I pray she is an actress, not a real customer -- delivers an earnest performance of what is at best an uncomfortable and embarrassing script. Her southern accent brings me hope that reusing catheters is something that only happens to other people, in other parts of the country.

The shot at the end brings out the film student in me. In it, our heroine's life has been improved. We first see her squatting down in a field. Then a cat runs up to her, which she pets. She and the cat seem pleased with the state of affairs. You do the math.


John Hornor said...

I find the conversion of the noun "catheter" to the verb "cath" disturbing. It's like, you can take the most horrifying thing imaginable and make it almost cute by converting to a verb.

Cannibalism become "cannibbiling." Incest becomes "'zesting."

Leave it to advertising to pervert.

Anonymous said...

I, too, don't like to call strangers. But I find that with practice, I can excel at it!