Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dream Theater: The Murder of T_____ L_____

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R_____ C_____ was a bully and he hated me. I don't know why. But I was just one of many people at high school he made life miserable for. 

One day, during lunch, I was walking outside and R_____ passed by. For some reason I felt emboldened, and hopeful that maybe I could make him stop. I asked, "What's your problem with me?" 

R_____ looked like he was going to answer, like we might just be able to clear up whatever had started all this. But at that moment T_____ L_____ walked by. Randy turned and grabbed him by the neck, and threw him with enormous strength against a nearby wall.

To my horror, I saw that he'd ripped T_____'s head right off his body. And immediately after, I realized that it could have been me if T_____ hadn't walked by when he did. 

R_____ and I looked at each other. He seemed as shocked as I was by what had happened. 

I ran back to school, and once there tried to act like everything was fine. I decided not to tell anyone what had happened. I told myself someone was sure to find the body, and tie the murder back to R_____ soon enough. 

But that didn't happen. Days passed. We went to class. Everyone buzzed about the terrible murder that had occurred. Randy walked the halls looking like someone with a terrible secret--which he was.

I had one, too. I couldn't eat anything without remembering the sight of T_____'s body, bouncing off that brick wall and landing headless on the sidewalk. I couldn't pay attention during class, couldn't get my work done. I was constantly looking over my shoulder, sure that R_____ meant to kill me next, to make sure I didn't tell anyone. 

Then one day, the police appeared and arrested R_____. All the cheerleaders gathered around him, to make sure he didn't try to escape. It was over. 

Once R_____ had been led away in handcuffs I left my desk and walked over to where Mrs. J_____ was sitting. I leaned in close and whispered to her that I was there when it happened. I saw the whole thing. 

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